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Lead Paint Removal

Lead Paint removal has become such a serious issue in Australia. Excellence in Painting Solutions are able to provide lead paint removal services for domestic, commercial and industrial premises. There are at least 1.4 million homes in NSW with lead based paint and it is not possible to identify it by its look. Lead paint is often sweet tasting and therefore children will pick at it and eat it and animals will lick it. When lead based paint is sanded, scraped or is peeling it creates a dangerous lead dust that is easily inhaled or swallowed. This dust also enters soil where it is easily accessed by children or animals. Lead does not breakdown. It remains toxic and unless dealt with safely it will not go away. Our professional technicians will reduce or eliminate lead paint hazards with a range of effective programs.


Lead can be found:

  • In houses (interior and exterior)

  • In apartments, single family homes, and both private and public housing

  • Commercial and industrial buildings (interior and exterior)

  • All other buildings built before 1970.

While laws and regulations governing building safety continue to improve, many buildings still pose serious health risks – from lead paint and lead dust poisoning to poor indoor air quality from mould or biological contaminants. With the help of Excellence in Painting Solutions our mission is to make your commercial, industrial or residential building, whether it’s in Sydney or anywhere around NSW – a safer, healthier place to live and work. The techniques used vary according to the nature of the job whether it is indoor or outdoor etc. In the job below our technicians were able to remove lead paint from the exterior walls of a heritage building with no hazardous waste issues and no damage being caused to the fabric of the building. Click the images below for more detailed views.

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